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Enabling participation of SMEs in international trade and production networks: Trade facilitation, trade finance and communication technology. by Yann Duval, Chortip Utoktham, ARTNeT Working Paper Series, No. 146, July 2014

This study aimed at identifying key factors affecting SME participation in direct export and international production networks (IPNs), both globally and in Asia and the Pacific. A global dataset of firm-level data from developing countries was analyzed to identify the main obstacles to establishment and operation of direct and indirect small and medium size exporters. The results particularly highlighted the importance of supply chain financing to facilitate direct export participation of Asia-Pacific SMEs. Comparing the marginal effects of various factors on SMEs and large enterprises, a reduction in customs and trade clearance times was also found to increase SMEs likelihood of participation in export or IPNs relatively more than that of larger enterprises.


ESCAP World Bank: International Trade Costs Database

In late 2011, United Nations ESCAP and the World Bank (WB) joined hands to develop a common standard methodology for calculating comprehensive international trade costs and provide the research and policy community with a global reference. The resulting ESCAP-World Bank Trade Cost Database issued in December 2012 covered 178 countries.The current version includes data from 1995 to 2011 for over 180 countries.


Asia-Pacific Trade Economists' Conference: "Trade in the Asian century - delivering on the promise of economic prosperity", Bangkok, Thailand, 22 Sep 2014 to 23 Sep 2014

The overall theme of the conference will be "Trade in the Asian century - delivering on the promise of economic prosperity". The Conference is organized with funding support from the International Development Research Centre, and the Secretariat of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP).

ARTNeT Newsletter: December 2014

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