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Bangkok, Thailand
  Trade and Investment Division (TID)  

ESCAP/WTO Seventh ARTNeT Capacity Building Workshop
for Trade Research

“Recent Advances in the Field of Trade Theory and
Policy Analysis Using Micro-Level Data”

12-16 September 2011
Yogyakarta, Indonesia
UNESCAP Trade and Investment Division
World Trade Organization
This workshop will focus on the use of micro-level data in empirical research of trade related issues. It will be based on so-called “new-new trade theory”. The acquired skills could be used to assist developing countries in building high quality firm level datasets, which are necessary to improve the understanding of firm constraints to do business in general and to export.
Session 1: Stylized facts about firms in international trade
Cosimo Beverelli, World Trade Organization

Session 2: The heterogeneous firms model of international trade
Cosimo Beverelli

Session 3: Implications of the new-new theory for normative and positive trade policy analysis
Cosimo Beverelli

Session 4: Implications of the new-new theory for normative and positive trade policy analysis: political economy
Cosimo Beverelli

Session 5: The Enterprise Surveys Dataset
Ben Shepherd, Principal, Developing Trade Consultants

Session 6: Descriptive Statistics and Graphs in Stata
Ben Shepherd

Session 7: Introduction to Basic Linear Regression Model
Cosimo Beverelli

Session 8: Basic Regressions and Panel Data in Stata
Ben Shepherd

Session 9: Regression Analysis with Binary Dependent Variable
Cosimo Beverelli

Session 10: Binary Dependent Variables in Stata
Ben Shepherd

Session 11: Sample Election Models
Cosimo Beverelli

Session 12: Sample Selection Models in Stata
Ben Shepherd

Session 13: Endogeneity Issue: Instrumental Variables Models
Cosimo Beverelli

Session 14: Instrumental Variables Models in Stata
Ben Shepherd

Session 17: Workshop Recap
Ben Shepherd

Assessing Intraregional Trade Facilitation Performance: ESCAP's Trade Cost Database and Business Process Analysis Initiatives
Yann Duval, ESCAP

WTO, FTAs and Southeast Asia
Mia Mikic, ESCAP

APTIAD and its use in evidence based policymaking
Mia Mikic, ESCAP
Information note for participants
List of participants
Ms. Mia Mikic
Economic Affairs Officer
Trade Policy Section
Trade and Investment Division, ESCAP
Email: [email protected]

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