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Bangkok, Thailand
  Trade and Investment Division (TID)  

International Seminar “Selected Outstanding Issues in
Services, Trade and Development”

3-5 May 2011
Manila, Philippines
UNESCAP Trade and Investment Division
Asian Development Bank Institute
The event is to enable a policy dialogue between trade officials and researchers in the region on the current state of readiness of countries to conduct analytical research in these new areas, as well as the implications of such research to the broader development objectives of the countries in the region. Trade experts from WTO and other organizations will also be invited to contribute their insights on trade and related issues.

Session 1: Trade and Environment Nexus

Trade in services related to climate change
Sebastian Miroudot, OECD

Redefining Environmental Goods and Services (ES) from
the Side of Demand for Environment

Tao Hu, Chief Expert, Ministry of Environmental
Protection, China

Trade in Climate Smart Goods: Trends and Opportunities
in Asia and the Pacific

Mia Mikic, Trade and Investment Division, UNESCAP

Session 2: Outstanding Work on Services Rules and Regulation: Making Services Work for Development

Public Services and the GATS
Rudolf Adlung, Trade in Services Division, WTO

Rule-Making Agenda under the GATS –
Overview and State of Play

Rudolf Adlung, WTO

Structural Reforms in Service Sectorsand Development:
Case Study of Thailand

Deunden Nikomborirak, Thailand Development
Research Institute

Session 3: Measuring Trade in Services and Global Value Chains

BPM6 and MSITS 2010: Main recommendations affecting
the coverage of trade in services between residents
and non-residents

Andreas Maurer, WTO

An Explanatory Framework for Measuring Services
Global Value Chains

Andreas Maurer, WTO

Global Value Chains and Trade in Services
Sebastien Miroudot, OECD

Session 4: Labor Migration and Mode 4 Trade in Services

Labour Mobility Provisions in RTAs
Rupe Chanda, Indian Institute of Management,

India-ASEAN Trade in Services: Possibility of MRAs
Patcharawalai Wongboonsin, Chulalongkorn
University, Thailand

Session 5: Liberalizing Services Preferentially: Exploring the Limits

Reflections on the Preferential Li Liberalization of
Services Trade

Anirudh Shingal, World Trade Institute

Scope and Limits of the MFNobligation under GATS
Rudolf Adlung, WTO

Background material
List of participants
Ms. Mia Mikic
Economic Affairs Officer
Trade Policy Section
Trade and Investment Division, UNESCAP
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