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Bangkok, Thailand
  Trade and Investment Division (TID)  

UNDP/ESCAP ARTNeT Trade Facilitation Research Team Meeting

15 March 2006
Bangkok, Thailand
UNESCAP Trade and Investment Division
To review and discuss methodologies and drafts prepared as part of the ARTNeT Thematic study on trade facilitation.
Session 1:  ARTNeT Trade Facilitation Research Effort 2005

ARTNeT Trade Facilitation Research Effort - Year 1
Mr. Yann Duval, Trade and Investment Division, UNESCAP

Update on the WTO Negotiations
Mr. Donald J. Lewis, Faculty of Law, The University of
Hong Kong

Session 2:  Trade Facilitation and Customs Valuation - Progress

Implementation of the WTO Valuation Agreement in Nepal:
an ex-ante Impact Assessment - Progress report

Mr. Pushpa Raj Rajkarnikar, Executive Director, Institute
for Policy Research and Development (IPRAD), Nepal

Customs Valuation in South Asia: the Case of India -
Progress Report

Mr. Sachin Chaturvedi, Research and Information
System for Developing Countries, India

Customs Valuation Issues and Research Methodologies
Mr. Florian Alburo, University of the Philippines

Session 3:  Trade Facilitation and Regional Integration - Progress

The Impact of Trade Facilitation on ASEAN Intra-Regional
Trade - Progress report

Mr. Dedi Budiman Hakim, IPB, Indonesia

Trade Facilitation in Regional Trade Agreements
Jim Redden, Institute for International Business,
Economics and Law, Adelaide, Australia

Trade Facilitation and Regional Integration in South Asia
Mr. Sachin Chaturvedi, Research and Information
System for Developing Countries, India

Trade Facilitation, Customs Valuation and Regional
Integration in Selected Pacific Island Countries -
Progress report

Mr. Biman Chand Prasad, USP, Fiji

Preferential Trade Agreements Database in Asia and the
Pacific (APPTAD)

Ms. Ying Qiu, Trade and Investment Division, UNESCAP

Session 4:  Trade Facilitation and Liberalization in Trade Logistics
Services - Progress reports

China's Liberalization in Trade Logistics Services: Lessons
learned and Policy Implications - Progress report

Mr. Yang Zerui, CIIS, China
Tentative programme
Provisional list of participants
Mr. Yann Duval
Economic Affairs Officer
Trade Policy Section
Trade and Investment Division, UNESCAP
Email: [email protected]

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