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Emerging trade issues for policymakers in developing countries
of Asia and the Pacific: New era of trade governance

4-6 March 2009
Manila, Philippines
UNESCAP Trade and Investment Division
World Trade Organization
To provide an update and review of consolidated and emerging research on issues that matter to policymakers in the region.
Opening statement
Ravi Ratnayake, Director, Trade and Investment Division,

Session 1
Firm Level Experience of NTMs: Philippines Case
Gloria O. Pasadilla, PIDS

Pilot Project on NTMs: Preliminary findings from pilot
surveys and their usefullness

Carolin Averbeck, ITC

Country Report: Enterprise survey on Non-Tariff
Measures in Thailand 2008

Santi Chaisrisawatsuk, NIDA

A Pilot Project on Non-Tariff Measures: An overview
Alessandro Nicita, UNCTAD

Session 2
Boundaries of Trade Governance: Agenda-Setting
and Decision-Making in the WTO

Patrick Low, WTO

Session 3
Development Policies and Trade Regime: Shall the
Twain Meet?

Biswajit Dhar, Centre for WTO Studies, Indian
Institute of Foreign Trade

Trade Policy, Trade Costs and Developing Country Trade
Alessandro Nicita, UNCTAD

Session 4
Which ‘behind-the-border’ policies should be subject to
trade agreements?

Philippa Dee, Australian National University

Behind the Border trade and business facilitation: Impact
on trade and importance of an integrated approach

Yann Duval, Trade and Investment Division, UNESCAP

Session 5
Trade Facilitation and Supply Chains: Mechanics of
Production Networks and Its Policy Implication

Fukunari Kimura, Keio University and ERIA

Trade Facilitation and Supply Chains
Douglas Brooks, Office of the Chief Economist, ADB

Session 6
Food security and rural livelihood: what role for trade

Samarendu Mohanty, IRRI, Philippines

Food security and rural livelihoods: what role for trade

Jamie Morrison, FAO, Italy

Session 7
What developing countries really want from WTO
New Era of Trade Governance

Sorasak Pan, Secretary of State, Ministry of
Commerce, Cambodia

What developing countries really want from the WTO?
The case of China

Tu Xinquan, University of International Business
and Economics, China

Background paper

Trade Policy, Trade Costs and Developing Country Trade
Information note for participants
List of participants
Ms. Mia Mikic
Economic Affairs Officer
Trade Policy Section
Trade and Investment Division, UNESCAP
Email: [email protected]

Last updated: 13 March 2009

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