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India: A New Player in Asian Production Networks?

India new player

Asian international production networks (IPNs) started by the changes of MNCs’ strategies on international fragmentation of production in responding to rapid globalization, technology changes, and increasingly ope n trade and investment environments in Asian countries in the 1980s. The phenomenon was fuelled in the 1990s by the opening of China which ha s emerged as a global centre for manufacturing assembly. Currently, the grow ing IPNs have a significant impact on merchandise trade patterns and regional integration among Asian economies. The phenomenon has led to dramatic expansion in trade in parts and components with a notable development in exports by Asia-Pacific. The share of the Asia-Pacific region in total world exports of parts and components has been increasing since the 1990s, especially during the past 10 years...

Studies in Trade and Investment No. 75 (ST/ESCAP/2624)

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