ARTNeT Institutional Members are national-level research and academic institutions engaged in trade applied research and located in UN ESCAP member States and associate members, Institutions which are the WTO Chairs Program holders in Asia and the Pacific automatically become members.

Benefits of being an ARTNeT member include:

  • Improved regional dissemination of own research to policymakers through ARTNeT website, publications, and events.
  • Networking with other researchers and institutions.
  • Enhanced opportunity to participate in ARTNeT research projects and projects from relevant international institutions.
  • Opportunities to participate in technical training workshops for junior researchers and other capacity building activities.

How to become a member?

Joining ARTNeT is free. Interested institutions are invited to contact the ARTNeT Secretariat at [email protected], addressing Director, Trade, Investment and Innovation Division, ESCAP, indicating their interest in becoming a member of the network, along with

  1. Half-page institutional profile,
  2. List of recent trade or investment related research (past 2 years or more),
  3. Copy of the institution most recent trade-related research study or a short-term research proposal on a topic consistent with the ARTNeT research programme, and
  4. Name and contact information of the person from your institution (senior researcher or manager) who will be the contact person for ARTNeT.

The application will be reviewed by the ARTNeT Secretariat in consultation with its advisors within six weeks of receipt of the documents for approval. Once the membership application has been approved, the institution will automatically be granted ARTNeT membership.

There are no restrictions in the number of members per country. To maintain their membership, all members have to participate in at least on ARTNeT activity/event annually OR to contribute at least one paper/study or other significant and relevant input on trade research to the ARTNeT website from their institutional website.

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ARTNeT core partners are governmental or intergovernmental institutions who provide significant and regular support to ARTNeT activities in the form of financial contributions, expertise and substantive inputs for research and capacity building.

See the ARTNeT Core Partners here.

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Associate partners are international or regional institutions who participate in ARTNeT activities or collaborate with ARTNeT and its Secretariat on an ad-hoc basis (e.g. for organization of capacity building activities or consultative policy meetings, joint research projects; sharing and cross - dissemination of research outputs). Associate partners may include governmental intergovernmental and nongovernmental organization with recognized trade-related programmes.

Institutions interested in becoming core or associate partners are encouraged to contact the ARTNeT Secretariat for more information.