ARTNeT Members are national‐level research and academic institutions involved in trade research and located in ESCAP member countries. Institutions who receive funding from ARTNeT directly or indirectly (e.g., if they receive a research grant, or if they receive financial support for participation in workshop or other ARTNeT activities) automatically become members for a period of one year.

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Islamic Republic of Iran



New Zealand



Russian Federation

Sri Lanka

* Members of ARTNeT Institutional Advisory Board (IAB)

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ARTNeT core partners are governmental or intergovernmental institutions who provide, or have provided, significant and regular support to ARTNeT activities in the form of financial contributions, expertise and substantive inputs for research.

1 UNESCAP TIID serves as the ARTNeT Secretariat

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Associate partners are international or regional institutions who participate in ARTNeT activities or collaborate with ARTNeT and its Secretariat on an ad‐hoc basis (e.g., for organization of capacity building activities or consultative policy meetings; joint research projects; sharing and cross ‐ dissemination of research outputs). Associate partners may include governmental, intergovernmental and nongovernmental organizations with recognized trade‐related programmes. Associate partner institutions are not eligible to apply or receive ARTNeT research grants.

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