The activities of ARTNeT are focused on three pillars, namely:

  1. Production of demand-driven, home-grown and collaborative research to be used as inputs into policies for sustainable development.
  2. Building of research tools, databases and capacity, particularly that of institutions in countries with special needs.
  3. Dissemination of knowledge, data and information to key stakeholders and translation of research findings into policies.

The areas of activities in which policymakers and researchers can benefit from ARTNeT's support include:

  • Demand-driven and collaborative research
  • Competitive research grant selection based on calls for research proposals
  • Access to advocacy forums such as the ARTNeT eForum
  • Research dissemination through
    • Working Papers
    • Books and Research Reports
    • Book Reviews
    • Newsletters
    • Webinar series
  • Knowledge platforms including
    • Asia-Pacific Trade Indicators Portal
    • Gravity Modeling
    • Trade Costs Database
    • Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Agreement Database
    • Global Survey on Trade Facilitation and Paperless Trade Implementation
    • Trade Intelligence and Negotiation Advisor (TINA)
    • RIVA Value Chain Analyzer