Trade and the Sustainable Development Goals

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the associated Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) form the new global development framework. The 2030 Agenda recognizes international trade as an important means of implementation and as an engine for promoting inclusive growth. The ARTNeT Expert Group on Trade and SDGs is expected to play a bridging role between research communities that are currently operating (often) separately on themes of international trade and SDGs. The expert group will use the established channels of work of ARTNeT, including the establishment of an advisory board, organization of research capacity building workshops and regular knowledge dissemination and multi-stakeholder consultation.

ARTNeT researchers and partners are welcome to contribute relevant resources to this initiative by contacting the ARTNeT Secretariat. ARTNeT will be continuously circulating information pertaining to this initiative through this website, ARTNeT newsletter and social media.




Introductory Course on Trade and SDGs

The ESCAP in collaboration with ARTNeT has released an online course focusing on Trade and SDGs. The access to the course is free to the public and the content is chosen to provide an accessible learning on the transition from ‪MDGs‬ to SDGs, type process and rationale behind opting for a universal goal, and introduces the main linkages between trade and the SDGs. The three modules now form a basic level course and will be followed by more advanced and tailored courses to respond to capacity building needs in this substantive area.


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