An Asia-Pacific region-wide network on sustainable FDI policies

The Asia-Pacific Research and Training Network on FDI (ARTNET on FDI) is the umbrella platform unifying 3 pillars of UN ESCAP's FDI work:

1. Knowledge and experience sharing through our FDI policymakers and experts and network.

  • The Asia Pacific FDI Network is a policy makers network made up of representatives from investment promotion agencies and line agencies responsible for investment in our member States. The network meets several times throughout the year to discuss key thematic and policy issues related to FDI and share experiences on attracting, promoting and facilitating sustainable FDI.
  • The ARTNeT on FDI experts network is made up of researchers and practitioners working on FDI. They are invited to take part in the policy makers network meetings to present research findings to strengthen the communication between policy-makers and researchers in the region, to peer review UN ESCAP FDI research, and publish working drafts of their own research through the ARTNeT on FDI working paper series.

Together these network facilitate:

  •   strengthening the integration of evidence-based policies on FDI in the national development strategies of UN ESCAP member States.
  •   sharing of information on recent trends, and exchange of experience on key issues with respect to national FDI policy making and promotion.
  •   identification of emerging issues and policy responses for the promotion, attraction and facilitation of sustainable and inclusive FDI.
  •   identification of key areas that would benefit from increased regional cooperation and capacity building, including channels/ mechanisms to be developed for that purpose.

2. Training and capacity building

UN ESCAP regularly provides our member States with regional, subregional and national trainings and capacity building seminars. The main clients for these trainings and seminars are traditionally the investment promotion agencies within member States. Themes are developed based upon the needs of the audience for which the training or seminar is developed. Previous trainings have focused on attracting and promoting sustainable FDI, reaping the benefits of digital FDI, and the challenges and opportunities for a multilateral framework on investment facilitation for development.

ARTNeT on FDI is also developing several self-paced online trainings focused on supporting investment promotion agencies in the development, design and implementation of indicators to evaluate and assess the sustainability of FDI projects. This and our other online trainings can be accessed here.

Additionally, we are also developing a blended learning course on mainstreaming gender in FDI policies, promotion and facilitation.

3. Providing evidence-based research and policy advisory work on inward and outward FDI in support of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Agenda.