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Handbook on Policies, Promotion, and the Facilitation of Foreign Direct Investment for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific

The Handbook on Policy, Promotion and Facilitation of FDI for Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific takes stock of the findings on and experiences with inward and outward FDI. It aims to summarize them in a convenient package that helps policymakers formulate better FDI policies and investment promotion agencies (IPAs) to better promote and facilitate FDI for sustainable development. Better FDI policies means policies that help attract higher inflows of FDI of higher quality and higher development impact across the three dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. Better promotion and facilitation means the adoption and utilization of more effective, targeted and resource-efficient tools and instruments to attract foreign investors, and help them establish and realize their investment and subsequent operations.

The Handbook seeks to put together recommendations for both policymaking, law making, and investment promotion and facilitation based on best and good practices derived from experiences with inward and outward FDI worldwide. The Handbook is meant as a useful reference tool for policy makers, legislators and IPAs given the extensive literature on FDI that has accumulated over many years, summarizing and packaging the recommendations that have emanated from this literature and experiences with FDI attraction, promotion and facilitation both in Asia and the Pacific and in the world at large. The second edition includes updates to the trends chapter, the literature review, as well as new information on new forms of investment, digital FDI, outward FDI, special economic zones, and much more.

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