Knowledge Exchange on Inclusive Technology and Innovation Policies

The Asia-Pacific region hosts some of the more transformative efforts to use technology and innovation for inclusive development: the grassroots movement solving local needs in India, small entrepreneurs earning a better living by trading online in Indonesia, women furthering scientific careers in Malaysia, research addressing social problems in the Republic of Korea, frontier technologies enabling better care for the elderly in Japan, and technology transfer enabling affordable access to clean energy in rural areas of Tajikistan provide just a few examples.

The technology and innovation policies programme fosters knowledge exchange and intergovernmental discussions, to raise awareness about and promote inclusive technologies and innovations. 

Intergovernmental discussions
•    Expert Group Meeting: Regional Consultation on Guidelines for Inclusive Technology and Innovation Policies for Sustainable Development, virtual, 15 July 2020
•    Committee on Information and Communications Technology & Science, Technology and Innovation. Bangkok, 29-31 August 2018
•    Expert meeting on Disability-inclusive Technology and Innovation. Bangkok, 30 August 2018
•    Regional Consultation on Inclusive Technology and Innovation Policies. Bangkok, 28 August 2018

Forums and Summits
•    Asia-Pacific Innovation Forum 2019. Tehran, 10-12 June 2019
•    Asia-Pacific AI for Social Good Summit. Bangkok, 13-14 December 2018
•    ESCAP Forum on Policies for Inclusive Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship. Puspitek, Indonesia, 27 September 2018

•    United Nations Joint Capacity Building Workshop on STI for Sustainable Development Goals. Guilin, China 9-17 December 2019
•    Workshop on Policies to Support Grassroots Innovation. Ahmedabad, India 27 January 2019