Advisory Services on Inclusive Technology and Innovation Policies

While innovation is an inherent aspect of development and a key driver of economic growth, its creation and diffusion is often restricted by social-economic factors springing from inequalities within and among nations. Policymakers need to consider carefully not only what role innovation can play for economic growth, but also how to use innovation to support broader social and economic goals and inclusive outcomes. 

ESCAP provides advisory services to support policymakers in the region to formulate STI policies that promotes economic growth while pursuing social and environmental objectives and leaving no one behind.

Some of the advisory services which have been provided include:
  • Cambodia: ESCAP is advising the Government of Cambodia in the development of a National Research Agenda and a Roadmap to implement Cambodia’s Science, Technology and Innovation Policy 2020-2030.
  • Mongolia: Following a request from the Communication Information Technology Agency (ICTA) of Mongolia, ESCAP worked with the Pathways for Prosperity Commission on Technology and Inclusive Development to support the Government of Mongolia design a national development strategy for Mongolia in the Digital Age.
  • Myanmar: ESCAP has advised the Government of Myanmar on the development of a National STI Policy for Sustainable and Inclusive Development.