The Government of Cambodia has identified inclusive business as a mean to promote inclusive and sustainable development targeted at the base of the economic pyramid.

The Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology & Innovation (MISTI) has recently concluded a Landscape Study of Inclusive Business in Cambodia.

Cambodia has also drafted its first Strategic Framework on Inclusive Business with the support of ESCAP and iBAN. The Inclusive Business Enabling Environment for Cambodia (IBeeC) Strategy aims to promote inclusive business through eight strategic mechanisms, focusing on technical assistance, accreditation, marketing and branding and market access for inclusive businesses.

Moreover, Cambodia’s new MSME framework, the SME Development and Action Plan (SMED-AP) 2019-2023) mainstreams inclusive business under each of the five strategic areas.

Landscape Study of Inclusive Business in Cambodia
Launch of Landscape Study of Inclusive Business in Cambodia, 18 March 2021
First Inclusive Business Forum for Cambodia, Phnom Penh, 7 August 2019


Indonesia developed, in 2013, a landscape study for inclusive business in the country. In 2019, the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, in partnership with ESCAP and iBAN, developed a Roadmap to promote Inclusive Business in Wellness Tourism. Tourism is a strategic sector for Indonesia and has high potential for inclusive business.

To support the development of the roadmap, an Inclusive Business Working Group was established and included with representatives from the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs, Bappenas and GIZ.

ADB and SNV Study on Inclusive Business in Indonesia (2013)
Inclusive Business in Wellness Tourism in Indonesia, 8 November 2019


The promotion of inclusive business in Malaysia is led by the SME Corp. Malaysia (Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives.

In 2019, ESCAP and iBAN conducted a landscape study to assess the status of inclusive business in Malaysia and provide suggestions for its promotion.

To effectively promote Inclusive Business, SME Corp. is seeking to high-level endorsement, including adding inclusive business in the new national development plan 2021-2025 (RMKe-12) and in the 2020-2023 action plan of the National Entrepreneurship Policy 2030 (DKN2030), and putting in place an inclusive business strategy.
The strategy would include mainstreaming inclusive in existing SME and Social Enterprises development programmes, as well as promoting IB-specific programs, such as IB accreditation or IB business coaching.

National Inclusive Business Forum for Malaysia, 3 October 2019


In the Philippines, inclusive business is one of the pathways to reduce poverty in the government’s poverty reduction strategy. The country was the first ASEAN Member State to adopt a policy to support inclusive business models.

In 2014, the Philippine Board of Investments made inclusive businesses a part of its Investment Priorities Plan. The Philippines has a registration system for inclusive business. The 2017–2019 Investment Priorities Plan provides fiscal incentives to firms with IB models in agribusiness and tourism.

In 2019, to further strengthen the institutional support for inclusive business and expand promotion measures, the Inclusive Business Project Management Office (Philippine Board of Investments) developed, with the support of ESCAP and iBAN, a proposal for an Inclusive Business Bill as well as a proposed roadmap for further supporting the implementation of the inclusive business policy.

ASEI and ADB Inclusive Business Study (2013)


The promotion of inclusive business in Viet Nam is led by the Agency for Enterprise Development (Ministry of Planning and Investment). 
In 2019, Viet Nam developed a landscape study in partnership with ESCAP and iBAN, which identified key areas for policy development and promotion, and is currently seeking support for the development of a pilot accreditation system in the country.

The Central Institute for Economic Management and the Vietnam Small and Medium Enterprises Association (VINASME) have committed to support policy development and implementation for inclusive business in partnership with AED.

Viet Nam, as the Chair of ASEAN in 2020, has committed to continue the promotion of inclusive business at the regional level. Viet Nam is supporting the development of ASEAN policy guidelines for promoting Inclusive Business. It will also host the Third ASEAN Inclusive Business Summit in 2020.

Inclusive Business Policy Seminar for Viet Nam, 15 October 2019