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Events & Publications on the topic: inclusive business


Economic inequality is not a new challenge, but the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly amplified it – especially for those at the base of the economic pyramid. Featuring insights from #inclusivebiz leaders, social entrepreneurs and academics, CLUED-iN 13 explores how insights and learnings from inclusive business can help close this gap.

Committee on Information and Communications Technology, Science, Technology and Innovation, Third Session

The Committee on Information and Communications Technology, Science, Technology and Innovation, Third Session will be held at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok from 19 to 20 August 2020 virtually via video conference. Bangkok-based representatives from member States and international organizations are welcome to participate in person at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok. Provisional agenda

CLUED-iN #10 Choosing, Changing or Combining Customer Segments

Featuring insights from inclusive business and social enterprise leaders, CLUED-iN 10 explores how to create strong business models, build resilience for times of crises like the Covid-19 pandemic, and choose the best market segment for your business idea.

CLUED-iN #8 Evidence of Impact

What do social entrepreneurs need to know when it comes to demonstrating impact? How should they view their customers when measuring their impact outcomes? Should #inclusivebiz scale for impact, or focus on meeting a niche? And what can technology and multinational corporations bring into the mix for impact? In the latest edition of iBAN’s CLUED-iN magazine, we explore all these issues and more with our expert contributors from across the social enterprise landscape!

CLUED-iN #7 Policy as a Worthwhile Investment

Why should inclusive businesses care about policy? It turns out that collaboration between the public and private sectors can be a very effective way to boost #impact and #inclusivegrowth. In this edition of CLUED-iN, we look at how enterprises and policymakers can – and are – working together to boost the base of the pyramid.

CLUED-iN #6 Financing for Inclusive Business

This issue of CLUED-iN takes us from the big picture—$30 trillion of additional funding that is needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030—to the details that inclusive business entrepreneurs find themselves grappling with as they build and grow their companies.