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Call for Participation to Research and Produce a Policy-Relevant Paper on AI for Social Good

Call for Participation to ‘Research and Produce a Policy-Relevant Paper on “AI for Social Good: Strengthening Capabilities and Government Frameworks in Asia and the Pacific” that can help inform AI policies and strategies in Thailand’ – a United Nations ESCAP-APRU-Google collaboration Deadline for application: 22 February 2022 Call for Participation can be downloaded here.

AI for Social Good Summit: Kick-Off Session

November is AI for Social Good Month. Join a virtual series of investigative discussions, conversations, and policy briefings with leading AI thinkers and doers from Asia and beyond Artificial Intelligence demonstrates immense potential for bringing economic and social benefits by revolutionising areas such as healthcare, public services, finance, education and communications. However the benefits of AI’s potential are at risk of being offset by a list of challenges including job losses, data privacy concerns and increasing inequity.