Artificial Intelligence for Social Good

In 2015, governments agreed on the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda to “ensure peace and prosperity, and forge partnerships with people and planet at the core”. Science, technology, and innovation became means of supporting the Sustainable Development Goals. Since then, lots of hope has been given to Artificial Intelligence and its use for social good.ESCAP’s project with Google and APRU (Association of Pacific Rim Universities) aims to build a network of researchers exploring AI for social good that can conduct research relevant for policy makers. As part of this partnership, 8 research projects were sponsored in 2019. Throughout the project a number of meetings were held to support exchange among researchers, advisors and policy experts to guide the work of researchers (AI for Social Good Project Kick-off Meeting and Artificial Intelligence for Social Good Project Meeting). The results of these research projects have now been published in the Artificial Intelligence for Social Good report. Throughout the month of November 2020, these results were shared with stakeholders in a series of workshops and policy briefings, in the AI for Social Good Summit.

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