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Asia-Pacific Forum on Science and Technology Park

Development of science, technology and innovation is critical to future economic growth. Initiatives such as science and technology parks which provide enabling infrastructure and bring together key stakeholders such as entrepreneurs, researchers and investors often bring positive impacts on the development and commercialization of innovative solutions.

Regional Consultation on eCommerce for Sustainable Development

This consultation meeting will provide an overview of emerging challenges and opportunities in the fields of digital economy and ecommerce, and outline policy imperatives on these agendas for SDG progress. Participants include government officials and other policymakers, private sector representatives and researchers.

Workshop on using technology in support of Trade for Micro, Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

SCAP is organizing a workshop focusing on using technology in support of trade for micro, small and medium sized enterprises. Through this workshop we hope to pioneer a new way of bringing together government and the private sector to develop an actionable, high-impact capacity building program to enable regional governments to use the technology revolution to unlock regional MSMEs’ potential for inclusive trade, economic growth, and job-creation.