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International Conference on Technology Transfer & Internationalization of Technology-based SMEs and Startups

Science Technology and Innovation (STI) collaboration in the Asia and the Pacific Region is aimed at developing and diffusing STI in strengthening its economic competitiveness, and therefore promotion of innovation in the region become a necessity. For this purpose a concerted efforts focusing on three key activities need to be undertaken, namely: (a) facilitation the flow of technology and innovation information from various sources within the Asia-Pacific region and also from outside of the region;

Thirteenth Session of the Governing Council meeting of APCTT and High Level International Conference on Green Technologies for Achieving Sustainable Development Goals

The thirteenth session of Governing Council will be held in Philippines. Secretariat will brief the delegates on activities undertaken by the Centre since the twelth session of the Governing Council and present the proposed work for APCTT for 2018. A discussion will take place on potential areas for collaboration between APCTT and member countries.

Building the Innovation and Technological Capacities of Least Developed Countries in Asia and the Pacific

The meeting will discuss the opportunities and needs of LDCs in the Asia and the Pacific region in the area of invention, innovation and technological capacity building and the intellectual property rights system. The program will provide a platform to assess the policy, technical and institutional needs in the area of intellectual property rights of individual LDCs. The meeting will also discuss how countries can leverage, through national, regional and sub-regional partnerships, WIPO’s and United Nations ESCAP’s expertise and institutional capacity.

International Innovation Fair 2017 and International Workshop on “Supporting Innovative Entrepreneurs and Role of Technology Transfer”

APCTT in partnership with the Government of Andhra Pradesh, India and Indian Innovators Association co-organized the International Innovation Fair during 9 -11 September 2017 in Vishakhapatnam, India. The International Innovation Fair provided a platform to showcase innovative technologies developed by public R&D institutions, non-for-profit organizations, grassroots innovators, incubated companies and entrepreneurs from over 20 countries across the world.