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Innovative Development of Bottom-Up Nanotechnology-Based Value-Added Products for Enhancing Competitiveness in the Asia-Pacific

This report focuses on bottom-up synthesis of nanomaterials from the ‘poor man’s nanotechnology’ or ‘low-tech nanotech’ point of view– ‘poor man’ and ‘low tech’ in the sense of limited resources available to conduct cutting-edge nanotechnology research and development. At the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok (AIT), Thailand, for example, nanotechnology research was conducted on a shoestring budget and the program was built from there. However, if enough bottom-up potential is marshaled and integrated properly, the high entry barrier to nanotechnology can be mitigated. This can only happen if serious and deliberate attention, incentive and funds are paid to bottom-up elements of developing nanotechnology infrastructure concomitant with complementary strategic partnerships. The “Top-Down” organizations of all participating nations in this chapter of the UNESCAP project were all impressive in their scope and strategy. The bottom-line understanding by all nations that nanotechnology is and can be a significant driver for economic sustainability was equally impressive.

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