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Events & Publications on the topic: Inclusive Technology

Leveraging Technology for the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing

The world is experiencing a rapid demographic transition towards an ageing population. In particular, North-East Asia is home to around one third of all older persons aged 65 and above in the world. While rising life expectancy is one of humanity’s major achievements, population ageing presents unprecedented economic and social challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic further changes the socio-economic life of older persons, poses a high risk to their health and well-being, and impedes their ability to stay active and socially connected.

Promoting Gender Equality in the Technology Industry

The world is experiencing a rapid digital transformation. In view of the digital divide, the importance of diversity and inclusion is magnified in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Expert Group Meeting on Technology for Active Ageing and Report Launch

To overcome the challenges and grasp the opportunities presented by ageing societies, the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (MIPAA) offers a comprehensive action plan and calls for embracing the potential of the ageing populations as a basis for future development. 

Webinar on Promoting Grassroots Innovation: Present Situation, Challenges, and Policies

2 NOV 2020 TO 3 NOV 2020 BANGKOK, THAILAND VIRTUAL Grassroots innovation is a modality of inclusive innovation that enables affordable, niche-adapted solutions developed by members of informal sector at community level, like farmers, artisans, workers, mechanics, children etc., to address unmet needs or local problems, often unaided by public sector or actors in the formal sector, including firms, science and technological institutions, and non-governmental organisations.

Accelerating Impact Investment in Asia and the Pacific

3 December 2020, 3:00 pm (Bangkok time; 8:00 am GMT) Virtual event   Join UNESCAP and the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG) for impact investment digital policy resource launch: "Towards an Enabling Policy Environment for Impact Investment in Asia and the Pacific".

AI for Social Good Summit: Kick-Off Session

November is AI for Social Good Month. Join a virtual series of investigative discussions, conversations, and policy briefings with leading AI thinkers and doers from Asia and beyond Artificial Intelligence demonstrates immense potential for bringing economic and social benefits by revolutionising areas such as healthcare, public services, finance, education and communications. However the benefits of AI’s potential are at risk of being offset by a list of challenges including job losses, data privacy concerns and increasing inequity.