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Events & Publications on the topic: Social Enterprises and Impact Investment

The state of social enterprise in South East Asia

The British Council, supported by United Nations ESCAP, in collaboration with HSBC and Social Enterprise UK, has collected data since 2017 together to produce a comprehensive, comparative social enterprise landscape report across South East Asia. The report covers studies conducted in Hong Kong, China; Indonesia; Malaysia; the Philippines; Singapore; Thailand and Viet Nam.

Accelerating Impact Investment in Asia and the Pacific

3 December 2020, 3:00 pm (Bangkok time; 8:00 am GMT) Virtual event   Join UNESCAP and the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG) for impact investment digital policy resource launch: "Towards an Enabling Policy Environment for Impact Investment in Asia and the Pacific".

Committee on Information and Communications Technology, Science, Technology and Innovation, Third Session

The Committee on Information and Communications Technology, Science, Technology and Innovation, Third Session will be held at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok from 19 to 20 August 2020 virtually via video conference. Bangkok-based representatives from member States and international organizations are welcome to participate in person at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok. Provisional agenda

The Launch of Social Enterprise Report in Vietnam

Social entrepreneurship is an effective model to address social problems and bring prosperity to communities, contributing to Vietnam's efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The social enterprise sector has made important contributions to socio-economic development in many countries and in Vietnam, nearly five years after implementation of the Enterprise Law, social enterprises have a legal foundation for their establishment and operation. However, there was a need for thorough research on how the social enterprise sector was taking shape in Vietnam.

Social Enterprise in Vietnam

Vietnam’s economy has radically transformed over the past few decades. Despite this, Vietnam continues to grapple with social challenges such as poverty, unequal access to public health and education and the need for environmental sustainability.

Social enterprises are businesses with a social mission, set up to address these challenges. In the past decade, interest in social enterprise and social entrepreneurship has grown significantly in Vietnam, not only among budding entrepreneurs, but also among non-governmental organisations, policy makers, funders and academics.

Issue paper - Social enterprise development in Pakistan: The way forward

This issue paper is being written with the overarching objective of informing the policy makers at the federal and provincial-level regarding the facilitation required by social enterprises in Pakistan. The British Council, SDPI and partners have conducted past research on the policy environment under which social enterprises work across the country (SDPI 2016 and Richardson 2017).