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Biswajit Nag

ARTNeT Advisor: Global Value Chains

Mr. Biswajit Nag is a Professor of Economics at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New Delhi. Involved in empirical economic research for close to two decades he also has teaching experience in India, and abroad. Earlier, he served the Poverty and Development Division of UN-ESCAP, Bangkok. Dr. Nag has completed number of projects for Government of India and international agencies such as UN, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, WTO, DFID etc.

Dr. Nag’s current research interest is International Production Network, Global Value Chain, Trade in Services, Regional Trade Agreements, Trade and Development etc. He has also expertise in developing sector based strategies in accessing international market and analysis of consumer behavior. He has published articles in number of international journals and also served as anonymous referee to several reputed journals. Dr. Nag is currently working on Trade and Technology with a focus on firm’s ability to absorb new technology and accelerate its involvement in International Trade. He is also conducting research on technology integration and employment in Indian exportable sector. 

Dr. Nag is actively involved in discussion on Global Value Chain at Asia Pacific Research and Training Network (ARTNeT), UNESCAP and published several working papers. He is a member of GERPISA, a Europe based International Network of Automobile Research.

In 2015, Dr. Nag contributed a chapter in a book Global Automobile Demand: Major Trends in Mature Economies (Vol 2), edited by Bruno Jetin, University of Paris (13), published by Palgrave MacMillan. He completed a research project on Ease of Doing Business between India and Pakistan: A Case of Select Imports to India in 2015. He also published articles on India-ASEAN FTAs with special focus on growing value chain in several sectors.

Dr. Nag’s book “My World with Rafiki: An Economic Travelogue and Miscellany” was published in November, 2014 from Partridge (A Penguin Random House Publishing). The book reflects the author’s own way of detailing the importance of cooperation for Indian managers in international business as part of his teaching in MBA class. Dr. Nag describes the role of history, culture, religion, politics, etc., in economic policy-making especially in the contemporary developing world, including India in this book.

At IIFT, Dr Nag teaches International Economics, Trade Analytics, Econometrics and Global Business Environment.

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