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SINGAPORE 2065 Leading Insights on Economy and Environment from 50 Singapore Icons and Beyond


Recently, featured an article titled, “Here’s How People 100 Years Ago Thought We’d Be Living Today.” 1 The article showcased several Victorian postcards that imagined how the future would look like. My favorite is one of a seahorse cavalry. Of course, seahorse cavalries have no place in a modern military force. Divisions of armored tanks, an invention with unimaginable firepower has long replaced cavalries. If few saw the possibility of so formidable a weapon, then even fewer could have imagined advancements as transformational as that of computers and information technology. Today, with the touch of a button, we have the wealth of human knowledge at our disposal. Indeed, the future is mercurial and filled with boundless possibilities. Any attempt at such an imagination is bound to be a “prisoner of the present” – in the words of Barry Desker, a contributing author of Singapore 2065...

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