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An exploration of the need for and cost of selected trade facilitation measures in Asia-Pacific in the context of the WTO negotiations

exploration of need

The first meeting of the Negotiating Group on Trade Facilitation (NGTF) held in November 2004 highlighted the necessity of identifying trade facilitation needs and priorities of developing countries (DCs) and least developed countries (LDCs), along with the need to address the concerns of DCs/LDCs related to cost implications of proposed measures and in terms of special and differential treatment. 1 In that context, this publication presents the findings and results of an exploratory ARTNeT study on the need for and cost of implementation of selected trade facilitation measures (TFMs) related to GATT Articles V, VIII and X. It is based on six ARTNeT working papers issued between January and April 2006, including five country case studies...

Studies in Trade and Investment No. 57 (ST/ESCAP/2426)

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