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ARTNeT Alerts on Harnessing Trade for Inclusive Development and Resilient Growth

harnessing growth

Export-led strategies in Asia and the Pacific have been successful in promoting economic growth in the region. Over the last two decades, the developing countries in the region have grown on average around 8 per cent as compared to 3 per cent in the Latin America. In the post-2008 global financial crisis era, however, the challenge for the region is to reposition trade and investment policies taking into account new realities in the international economy towards achieving more inclusive and sustainable development as well as to build resilient and green economies. This briefing note highlights some initiatives and change in strategies that are necessary to make trade-led growth conducive to achieving more inclusive and sustainable development and resilient growth that also leads to poverty alleviation. The main objective of the note is to draw attention of policymakers to factors to be considered in designing trade policy that would assist in delivering growth with fairer distribution of gains. The policy brief also aims to present some topics which analysts and researchers of trade can pursue further such as studying impact of trade on gender, employment, and social protection.

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