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United States’ Unfair Competition acts and software Piracy - Which Asia-Pacific countries are at risk and recourse do they have?

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In response to tightening global competition and the ripple effects of the 2008 economic crisis United States state and federal level competition law is being applied to counter software piracy’s effects on the competitiveness of foreign exporters; Sanctions range from fines to import bans Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Pakistan and Viet Nam are among the countries with the highest levels of software piracy and dependence on exports to the United States and thus among the most exposed to the acts; Weighed against the general trade interests of the United States China, Sri Lanka, Viet Nam Thailand and India, Indonesia emerge as the most exposed; Adjusting to the legislation requires long-term actions which aim at reducing piracy rates through awareness, education, and enforcement; In the short term, countries may wish to avoid exposure by steering exports to different export destinations within or outside the United State’s

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