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Towards a Roadmap for Inclusive Business in Wellness Tourism in Indonesia

Tourism is a priority sector for the Government of Indonesia and plays an important role for economic growth and employment creation. Indonesia has diverse and rich landscapes and natural ecosystems that position the country as an attractive destination for tourists. In 2018, tourism was responsible for 10.3 per cent of the total employment in Indonesia and over 6 per cent of national GDP. Because of a signicant increase in foreign visitors since 2016, these numbers were expected to increase until the COVID-19 pandemic hit the tourism sector in early 2020. In 2019, the President of Indonesia selected tourism as one of priority sectors because of its strong potential for higher economic growth, its catalytic effect on other industries, and its contribution to more inclusive growth.

The Government of Indonesia selected wellness tourism as a pilot sector for promoting inclusive business (IB). Because of the strategic relevance for inclusive economic growth, the Government of Indonesia selected the wellness tourism as a pilot sector for promoting IB in the country. Against this background, the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs officially requested United Nations ESCAP– in the context of its IB capacity building work for ASEAN member countries – to assist the Government of Indonesia in designing a roadmap for promoting IB in wellness tourism. For that purpose, this report presents an analysis of the enabling environment for IB in wellness tourism, highlights selected IB models in the sector that could serve as good practice examples, and outlines recommendations for a possible roadmap for promoting IB in wellness tourism in Indonesia. Indonesia can build on existing IB models in the wellness tourism sector and initiatives that promote IB in tourism, including from GIZ.

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