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Co-Creating Myanmar's Science, Technology and Innovation Policy: Sectoral Round Tables

Co-Creating Myanmar's STI Policy

Following its inaugural session in early July, the Government of Myanmar has initiated a process to Co-Create Myanmar’s national Science, Technology and Innovation Policy. After some initial stakeholder consultations, a series of round table discussions with key stakeholder will be held during August 2020. These sector-specific virtual meetings will help to define the challenges and needs of five priority sectors and how the STI Policy could address them.

The dates and sectors are:

Wednesday, 5 August – Healthcare and Societal Goals 
Thursday, 6 August – Natural Resources and Energy
Monday, 10 August – ICT and Services
Tuesday, 11 August – Agriculture
Wednesday, 12 August – Manufacture

The round tables will introduce participants to key concepts of innovation and STI policymaking; validate high-level goals for STI development in Myanmar; define STI priorities for each sector and explore actions to support sectoral inclusive and sustainable growth and innovation.

The process to co-Creating Myanmar’s national STI Policy is led by the Department of Research and Innovation (DRI), Ministry of Education of Myanmar with the support of ESCAP. Learn more...

BY INVITATION ONLY - If your organization would like to contribute to the process, please contact us.

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